"Real Colour" imagery showing ground conditions.

Satellite derived products relating to pasture conditions.

An estimation of the dry above-ground biomass in kilograms per hectare (kg/ha).
An estimate of how the pasture compares to normal conditions. Measuring the current pasture conditions (or at your specified date) compared to the usual historical pasture values for the same time of year. Measured as a percentage difference from the usual value. The historical value is calculated using the statistical median.

An estimation of how the current pasture conditions (or at your specified date) differ from the pasture values from the previous time period. Measured as a percentage difference.

Satellite derived products relating to snow conditions.
Indicates the presence of snow

A measure of whether snow was present during this ten-day period
How often was this pixel was covered by snow during this ten-day period, as a percentage.

Satellite derived products relating to drought conditions.
Indicates the location of water bodies or change in water level, resulting from events like flooding.

An indicator of drought in grasslands. Some researchers have found NDDI to be a superior drought indicator compared to other indices.

Estimating the health of vegetation caused by stress due to drought.
Estimating the condition of vegetation and providing an indication of moisture condition.
Estimating the stress on vegetation caused by temperatures therefore providing an indication of thermal conditions.
LST (Land Surface Temperature) Measures the soil temperature at the surface of the Earth.


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